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DDR, QDR SRAMs (with ECC ):18Mb,36Mb, 72Mb,144Mb, 288Mb Asynchronus SRAMs:1Mb,1.5Mb,2Mb,3Mb,4Mb,6Mb,8Mb Synchronous Burst SRAMs:2Mb,4Mb,9Mb,18Mb,36Mb,72Mb,144Mb, 288Mb Synchronous NBT SRAMs:2Mb,4Mb,9Mb,18Mb,36Mb,72Mb,144Mb, 288Mb Low Latency DRAM (LLDRAM):576Mb/288Mb, 533/400/300MHz

GSI Technology designs, develops and markets a broad range of high performance memory products for networking, military, medical, automotive and other applications. We specialize in memory products featuring very high transaction rates, high density, low latency, high bandwidth, fast clock access times, and low power consumption. We offer unusually long product support life cycles, short lead times, the largest high performance memory product portfolio in the market and complete pre and post-sale support.

GSI Technology offers both Static Random Access Memory products (SRAMs) and Low Latency DRAM products (LLDRAM). GSI’s SRAMs utilize world-class low power 0.25 micron to 65 nanometer CMOS process technologies. Our Low Latency DRAM product line is fabricated using a 72nm DRAM process technology. Many GSI products are specifically recommended for use with a variety of host devices such as NPUs and FPGAs.

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