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//Power Management Battery Chargers LDOs DC-DC Converters Level Shifter ///LED Driver Backlighting Parallel constant current Serial step-up DC/DC Multi-purpose Flash LED Drivers ///Switches SPQT DPDT USB/Audio MIPI Switch

Broadchip Technology Group Corporation Ltd. is a fabless IC design company founded in Shanghai by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley in 2007. BROADCHIP is focused on designing, developing, and marketing a broad range of high performance and cost effective analog integrated circuit products to worldwide customers.
We have developed more than 300+ high performance IC products, catering to a broad range of consumers, including the industrial, computer, and communication markets. Our product line consists of Analog Switches, White LED drivers, RGB LED drivers, High-efficiency DC/DC converters, Switching Li-Ion battery chargers, Low power/low noise LDOs, Temp Controller SOC for Home Appliance, etc.
Broadchip Technology was listed at National Equities Exchange and Quotations on July, 2017, with the stock abbreviation: BROADCHIP, and the stock code: 871366. We will continue to develop high performance, high quality, cost effective, and value added turn-key solutions to our customers. We aim to be the technological leader in the Analog Integrated Circuits field through our innovative product designs, strict management, market oriented products,and strong teamwork.

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