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Secure IC chips/Modules for secured transactions eBanking / OTP / TPM Point of Sales / mPoS Wearable secure modules Smart Card IC chips Bank cards Social Security / Medical / Transportation Travel documents (Passport, Permits), eLicensing BLE enabled SIM Card Secure element in every phone RCC (Range Controlled Communication) for proximity transactions iDSS Service Trusted authentication and identification service of people and things on the Internet

      Nationz is a leading provider of secure IC products and services in internet identification authentication, TPM, secure modules as well as personal digital secure product and services.  Nationz is the No. 1 supplier of IC chips in eBanking market, and one of the top three suppliers of IC chips to all government issued various ID cards, travel documents and etc. It is also the exclusive supplier of TPM chip to Microsoft, HP, Intel and other PC/Tablet vendors in China market.  Nationz has invented Bluetooth enabled and proximity transaction capable SIM card product for mobile secure applications and services with more than 800 patents worldwide.  Nationz is also a leading PaaS provider of Internet secure service for Internet banking services, P2P, data protection, eCommerce, and eGovernment services.

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