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Asiacom again honored as Top 10 China Branded Distributors


Nov.09, 2018, Shenzhen -Asiacom was again honored as Top 10 China Branded Distributors in Aspencore Double Summits, organized by the world’s leading media group within the technical electronics sector, closed Nov. 9, 2018 in Shenzhen, China with key stakeholders in the electronics industry supply chain participating in the Global Distribution & Supply Chain Leader Summit in person and via live broadcast. The 2018 Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards presentation ceremony held in the evening honored 51 outstanding distributors and supply chain service providers.

Winners in 2018 are (winners in each category listed by alphabetical order) 

Top 10 International Branded Distributors: 

Advanced MP Technology, Arrow Electronics, Avnet Asia Pacific, Excelpoint Systems (H.K.) Limited, Future Electronics, Hong Kong Baite (Group) Electronic Co., Ltd., Mouser Electronics, Serial Microelectronics (Hongkong) Co. Ltd, WPG Holdings, WT Microelectronics Co., Ltd 

Top 10 China Branded Distributors: 

Asiacom Technology Ltd, Burnon International Ltd., CEAC, Nanjing Sunlord Electronics Corporation Ltd., Shanghai Fortune Techgroup Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wisewheel Electronics CO., LTD, Smart-Core Holdings Limited, Sunray Scientific Group Limited, Techtronics Co. Ltd., Wuhan P&S Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Outstanding e-commerce Distributors: 

icorebuy, ICZOOM, Shenzhen Lichuang E-Commerce Co. Ltd., Shenzhen RightIC Electronics Co., Ltd, Shenzhen YKY Limited, Xiamen Oneyac Technology Co., Ltd. Top 5 Distributors in Technical Support: Advantage Power Ltd, Beijing Nandian Electronics Co. Ltd, Best of Best Holdings Limited, Mornsun Electronics, Richardson RFPD
Top 3 Sustainable Growth Distributors: Hi-Hone Enterprises Limited, HJC Electronic (HK) Limited, Nanjing NSCN Semiconductor Co. Ltd.
Top 3 Rising Star Distributors: Beijing Elight Technologies Co. Ltd, WLXMALL.COM, Yiyitong E-commerce Co. Ltd
Top 3 Distributors in Supply Capability: Adtech Electronics Asia Limited, Ample Solutions PL (Singapore), Vadas International Company Limited
Top 3 Supply Chain Service Providers: First Flag Supply Chain, Shenzhen China Brilliant Supply Chain Service Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Xinlikang Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd.

ASPENCORE's Electronics Supply & Manufacturing-China (ESM-China) launched the Electronic Component Distributor Awards program in 2001 to honor outstanding distributors for their remarkable performance and positive contributions to the electronics industry. This year, the Awards program extends worldwide.

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